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Deciding Where to Post

Files and images can add a wealth of content to the wiki, but like any information, it's important to consider where it should be placed within the wiki. If information about your topic exists already, post the file along with it. If there is no information, make a new entry so other people may add their input. If there are some other closely related pages, be sure to link them to the entry with your file!

Here are some ways to figure out where your information will go:

  • Read and update the wiki often! The more contributions you make, the more you'll have a general sense of the entries and the information they contain
  • Use the Main Page to find entries for your topic, and see if it is mentioned to any of them.
  • Use the search tool to see if any entries match your topic.
  • Use the search tool to find entries that relate to your information.

How to Upload

When you've found an appropriate location for your contribution, log in and click the "upload file" link on the main side panel.

If the file you're uploading is a document or anything else that isn't an image, this is what you want to write in the entry to create the link (Make sure it is enclosed in double brackets [[ ]], just like any other wiki link):


However, you need to replace the File and .ogg with the specific information for the file you uploaded. File = the name of the item (document, pdf, etc) you want to upload .ogg = the type of file (file extention) of the item you want to upload. For documents, it's usually .doc. You can check this by right clicking on the file you want to upload and selecting "Preferences"

If you want the link to say something specific, then insert it after the file extention, like this:

Media:File.ogg|Click this link because it's awesome!

Uploading Images

Uploading works very slightly differently for images. All you have to do is upload the image the same way files are uploaded, then insert a link in this format into the entry where you want the image to go:

Image:File.jpg, or Image:File.png|alt text if you want to type in a description of the picture where it says "alt text" Remember to enclose these links in brackets, like these: [[]]

Additional Tips

For more advice on how to contribute to WikiAdvocacy, watch Wikis 101: Tips and Tricks for Contributing to WikiAdvocacy and WikiGenetics.