NAC Best Practices

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NAC purpose: to provide advice and recommendations to project steering committees.

  • Invite NAC members.
    • If before grant submission, get Letter of Support from potential NAC members.
    • Make sure to include individuals of varied professions and perspectives, increase strength of proposal through strong advisors.
  • Post NAC on website with credentials and affiliations.
    • Collect bios/biosketches from NAC.
  • Create listserv for NAC.
  • Schedule NAC initial meeting.
  • Send initial welcome message to listserv with Save the Date for upcoming meeting.
  • Send quarterly newsletters to NAC with updates.
  • Periodically send various grant concepts, products, messaging, papers for comment to the NAC.
  • Host yearly meeting – in-person or teleconference.
    • Send meeting and call minutes to NAC.

There will be two types of communication with the NAC:

  • Updates
    • Quarterly newsletter
  • Requests for feedback
    • In-person or phone meetings or via listserv
      • Materials review
      • Set deadlines for feedback