Cool Tips

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Let's put some cool techniques together so that we can use WikiAdvocacy more easily.

25px + F

When you are looking for a specific phrase or word on a page you can use File:Applemark.png + F to find the word you're looking for.


Signature is a tool that lets you put your name and time on the article like this:

--Yoji 11:01, 20 June 2007 (EDT)

To put your signature on the page, click the File:Signature1.png button at the top of the editing page. This is a convenient way to show what you did and when, especially in the community portal or in a discussion section.

Community Portal

You can post notices, news, to do lists or anything else you want in the community portal. If you make a major change in an article, you can post the change in the notice section so that people can see the changes easily. You can go to the community portal from the left of WikiAdvocacy or here: WikiAdvocacy:Community Portal.

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