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WikiAdvocacy is a communal resource for aiding advocacy.

WikiAdvocacy was initially created by Genetic Alliance, and grows in value through the contributions of countless advocates. Through its interactions with hundreds of advocacy organizations, Genetic Alliance recognizes both the need for an accessible source of advocacy information and the benefits of shared wisdom among advocates. This online community offers a place where advocates share our knowledge and experience in a real time, interactive manner.

The original basis of WikiAdvocacy is the Interactive Guide to Advocacy by Sharon F. Terry, President and CEO of Genetic Alliance. The Interactive Guide to Advocacy covers every aspect of founding and managing the growth of an advocacy organization, from fundraising to detailed explanation of issues, skills, and elements of creating a registry and samples repository. However, it is and thus, we welcome your edits, additions, and updates based on your own experience.

Unlike print sources, WikiAdvocacy is continually updated. We invite each user to maintain and enhance its value by editing content. Feel free to fix broken links, update information, or post a notice to a community portal that information is old and needs updating. User contributions keep WikiAdvocacy continually updated and enhanced.

WikiAdvocacy will not require references as the basis for contributions and edits, though we encourage them. We understand that the essence of the common wisdom of the advocacy community, on a day-to-day basis, is experience. We welcome experience-based, globally useful contributions. We discourage pure opinion with no basis in fact. Let's begin with what is here and raise the bar for excellence, in the Wiki itself, and through the Wiki, for the community.

WikiAdvocacy is powered by MediaWiki, a free, open-source wiki software program that powers some of the most popular wikis across the world, including Wikipedia.

Wiki: Quick Collaboration on the Web

Wiki is a web-based application that allows users to view pages and to edit pages. The term "Wiki"comes from the Hawaiian word "Wikiwiki", which means fast or quick.In fact, wiki enhances quick collaboration among users. Imagine how long it would take if one author tried to write a comprehensive, detailed, and balanced guide to advocacy. Now imagine the power of an entire community participating in the development of the guide: some may write about fundraising, some may add useful tips or links, some may proofread articles, and others may share their personal stories. Any user can be an author or editor! And it's fun to contribute! By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can grow the guide efficiently and effectively.

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