Financial Assets

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Financial assets are a crucial component of any organization's success. When beginning to think about finances, it is important to first consider all financial resources by recognizing any sources of money that the organization is currently pursuing. To learn more about this process, visit the Characterizing Resources page on Funding.

There are a number of ways to secure finances, and it is useful to consider each of them when attempting to locate funds for your organization:


New organizations often wonder where to best seek funding. In many cases, much of an organization's financial assets come directly from personal contributions from families and friends of people who have the condition for which the organization advocates. However, such contributions are not the only type to consider when investigating donations, for corporate donations and gifts-in-kind can also greatly benefit non-profit organizations. Learn more about all three of these on our Donations page.


Many organizations have also found success through fundraisers, whether these are large fundraisers organized by the organization or smaller ones organized by individual members. See our Fundraising page to learn more about creating fundraisers and to find examples of types of fundraisers.


Getting Grants is another method of securing financial assets. When thinking about applying for grants, it is important to remember that small grants can also be a helpful resource for organizations. For instance, one organization receives a small grant to cover the cost of printing their newsletter.