Speaker selection and management

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1. Thank you for agreeing to [describe presentation] on [date] from [time start] to [time end].

2. (optional, but nice:) [speaker's] presentation fits into [organization's vision for the conference] by [describe how it fits].

3. [discuss deadline for handouts if s/he wants any included in the Program Notebook - otherwise s/he'll need to bring ___ copies with him/her.]

4. [discussion about their equipment needs - what you can provide. You may have/want an equipment form for them to fill out, to attach, but these days the typical presentation is a .ppt brought to the meeting on a memory stick, so you could simply say that if the speaker needs equipment other than a computer and projector, please contact you to discuss...]

5. [discussion about reproducing the presentation - you may want to (design and) attach a release form for permission to audio- and/or video-tape his/her presentation; or to share the .ppt with members of your organization. You may want to provide the presentations online, or burn DVDs for a nominal fee to cover the cost of making and distributing the DVDs, or you may want to make some money off it - which gets more complicated...(we have no experience to share on this!)]

6. [discussion about honorarium/fee/travel reimbursement, and either including the paperwork (if appropriate/needed) or explaining that further instructions will be coming]

7. [if there are any other bits of information, add here.] (We invited them to our Family Fiesta and asked them to RSVP if they could come)

8. who to contact & contact info (for our RSVP and) if there are any questions.