Disease Advocacy Organization (DAO) Manual

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The following is the overview your DAO would have to take to successfully setup and launch a White Label Package connected through the PEER portal


Initial Consultation with Genetic Alliance

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Setting up the PEER Portal

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Pre-Outreach Efforts

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PEER Portal Design Decisions

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Content and User Interface(UI)

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Videos & Guides Development


Survey Questions and Development


Question Formatting


Using the PEER Questions Manager


Editing Survey Questions


Setting Up User Support System (Customer Support)


Selected Audience Survey Testing

Now that you've implemented your survey using PEER Admin, you're ready to start testing the survey inside of your PEER Portal. This section provides a step-by-step overview of this process. Let's get started!

You will complete testing in two phases. Phase I Testing, which takes place within your organization prior to preparing for portal launch, will enable you to identify and address any content errors in your survey, as well as general system errors. Phase II testing, which takes place with members of your community directly before launch, will allow you to incorporate real user feedback before launching your portal.

Please note that testing your survey is an iterative process of finding items to change and fixing them. Depending on the length of your survey and the number of changes that need to be made after the initial pass, testing and incorporating feedback may take some time. On average, testing takes one to two weeks total, not including time in between phases.

Before Phase I Testing

Checkpoint: What needs to be accomplished prior to moving on to Phase I Testing? Please make sure you've accomplished the following items!

• Received IRB approval for your project. • Implemented your finalized survey content using PEER Admin. • Created two separate webpages for your demo and live portals. Your demo portal, which is an exact replica of your live portal, will allow you to test your survey without entering live data. • Provided Genetic Alliance with links to both of these pages. • Received your demo portal code and live portal code from Genetic Alliance.

Demo portal code:

Live portal code:

• Installed your demo portal by inserting your demo portal code on your demo webpage. • Reviewed your demo portal content (portal text, guides content, color scheme, etc) and requested any changes. Remember: your demo portal is a duplicate of your live portal. This is your chance to finalize how you want your live portal to look before launch. • Assigned a “DAO Point Person” to liaise with Genetic Alliance throughout the testing process.

Point Person Name:


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Full Outreach and Community Engagement

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Research & Data

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Additional Surveys & Updates

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User Support

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