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BioBank Central
Provides an overall description of biobanking including why biobanks are needed and how they work.
Genetic Alliance Registry and BioBank
Genetic Alliance Registry and BioBank (GARB) has developed resources tailored for organizations interested in establishing or already managing a registry and/or biobank. GARB is a repository for the standardized collection, storage, and distribution of biological samples and clinical data for research purposes.
Phone: 202.966.5557 x201


  • Registry Boot Camp training sessions to provide a comprehensive overview of what is needed to establish and maintain a registry.
  • Sessions:
  • A Monthly Bulletin to keep you you informed of developments in the biobanking field.
  • A Weekly Tip Series focused on registries and biobanks. These tips are designed for advocacy organizations in all stages on the journey of creating and cultivating a registry or biobank.


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