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Blogging is a way for organizations to present information in an article or journal format. Blogging is used for a variety of topics, and it can also give site visitors the opportunity to leave comments. Because blogging is so versatile, it is very important to keep the audience in mind when you design the blog or post.

Blogs can range from personal to professional, and most have different filters you can use to regulate how interactive they are. Some sites suggested for their professional look are Blogger and Wordpress, both of which are free blog hosting services.

Cost can be another factor. Some people get paid to blog on sites with heavy traffic and advertisements, whereas other hosts might ask you to pay. A blog can also be incorporated directly into an existing site, but this might be restricted by your site's bandwidth or resources. Getting all the needed features might be a bit complex, depending on the organization's needs.

Blogging Tips

  • Go find some great blogs on the internet and read them. There are some hilarious mommy blogs and medical blogs that can really suck you in. (Set yourself a time limit of a few hours.)
  • Keep a document with ideas for blogs that you don't have time to write today. You can drag this out when you don't feel inspired by something that happened this week.
  • Write up those quick stories you tell people when they ask about what you do. The stories about typical patients. The most powerful stories. The ones that make people tear up. I keep a piece of paper in my wallet to jot notes.
  • Just be careful about the confidentiality thing. Remember, we are often writing for a small community and people might be able to figure out who you are writing about!!! And remember, your own family will see the blogs. I read a blog about moms who blog and how they accidentally violate their kids privacy. (She was imaging her kids playing a drinking game in college where you have to take a shot of alcohol if your mom ever blogged about your diaper exploding!)
  • The typical blog is amazingly short. Less than a screen. Some are much longer
  • Do you want to focus on the disease, the organization, your family? Is this in lieu of a newsletter? Pick a focus to start with or you will be all over the map.
  • Blog Tips for Non-Profits -

Have fun. Blogs are supposed to be fun.

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