Characterize Resources

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Organizations have many resources available to them, often within their own membership. In considering the following categories, consider nontraditional methods for obtaining and retaining resources. Consider many avenues for securing donations of time, talent, and services.

An important aspect of this process is understanding the power of personal and organizational networks. As you look at the resources available to you, consider the people you know outside of your organization as well as within its membership. Think about their skills and interests. Your neighbor the artist, a friend from your school days who owns a catering business, or a cousin who works for a large company that has tax incentives to give grants or sponsorships—they can all be helpful to you. Most people have at least a few contacts they can call on. They may not be able to commit large amounts of time to your organization, but they can offer specialized help or introductions to others who can help.

People are your greatest resource.


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