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A mentor is someone who offers advice about specific structures or functions (as opposed to actually performing tasks themselves). Mentors come in many forms and may be occasional advice-givers or very involved, as day-to-day confidants, and working with you over a period of time. Mentors might share information or resources. They might provide a weekly check-in while you do a sustained project, like planning a large event, helping you brainstorm and put out fires along the way. They might be someone you contact for only a specific concern.

Think about the people you have access to all along that continuum, from the college friend who started her own nonprofit to the psychologist who lives next door and can help you understand the dynamics of group meetings.

  • Who are your mentors?
  • What can they offer?
  • In what areas do you need mentoring?

You can download a PDF form to help with this activity. (File:Worksheet4.pdf)

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