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Member Involvement and Outside Help

Individuals, organizations, and facilities that are connected directly to your organization can be considered inside resources. Outside resources are not actually formally part of your organization but can provide benefits, perhaps on a per-project basis, as a complement to core staff inside your organization. Closely related to mentors and volunteers, these individuals can provide expertise directly to your organization, from within or as "consultants."

Inside and/or outside resources may include a physician or nurse who cares for individuals with your condition. They may include a relative who works in a biotechnology company or for a law firm. They could even include a neighbor who works for an insurance broker and, for example, can help families understand how to appeal insurance decisions.

For both inside and outside resources, ask:

  • What are your medical resources, such as interested clinicians?
  • What are your scientific resources, such as individuals involved in research or with a science background?
  • What are your financial resources, such as individuals with fundraising or accounting experience?
  • What are your administrative resources, such as individuals with management, office, computer experience, or non-clinical experience in health care settings?
  • What individuals or companies can make in-kind donations?
  • What are your "support for affected individuals" resources, such as individuals with genetic counseling, nursing or support-group experience?

You can download PDF forms to help with this activity.

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