Conference Call Services

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Often times organizations have individuals all across the country that need to stay in contact. While many times email can be used, sometimes you need to talk with one another over the phone. Listed below are some suggestions of conference call services:

  • Gizmo Project - They offer their service for free or, if you are calling internationally, and/or using your computer to make the call, there is a very minimal cost to the person calling. This service also offers instant messaging. I am not sure of the limit on the number of people who can call in at once, but we usually have 9 on our call. The number we use is not a toll free number, but I do think they offer those as well for a cost.
  • Skype - Allows you to make free phone calls from computer to computer as well as to landlines and cell phones for a minimal charge.
  • You can look into I use it often and it sends you a report of your time and who was actually on the call! And it's free! But it is only free if you have free long distance. The number you call in on is not a toll-free number. So unless you have unlimited minutes on a cell phone, or have unlimited long-distance on either cell or land line, or happen to live in the geographic area of the number you call in on (not sure where that is), you do have to pay for the call.

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