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Events can run the gamut from being very labor intensive to being simple. They can also net a great deal or very little, after expenses. You might have multiple reasons for having an event and be willing to have it cost a lot of labor or not net much money, and the same events for different organizations might net vastly different amounts. One organization reports that a golf tournament would never net anything, and other organizations report netting tens of thousands of dollars with a golf tournament. The difference is not always simple. It isn't just that one condition is more common and another rare; many factors impact the effectiveness of events. Some of them involve the skills of your staff and volunteers and others have to do with the "appeal" of your condition. Do people come out because they are really moved by little children, someone famous or someone heroic? Different organizations can define success in this area quite differently.

Fundraising through Different Types of Events

Jannine Cody, Founder
Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society

"We have two organizational fundraisers: the Phantom Tea and a Run for Research. In the Phantom Tea, you have a "virtual" gathering, ”inviting people to give a donation on a particular date, rather than asking them to make time in their schedule to attend an event. The Run for Research invites participants to ask donors to sponsor them for their participation in a group athletic event.

These have been a good combination, because it is easier to ask relatives and personal friends and people who may live far away for a Phantom Tea donation, and it is easier to ask neighbors and coworkers for a "Walk-a-thon" type donation. So we do two fundraisers per year, targeting different people."

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