Recruiting Celebrities

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Who among us wouldn't love a celebrity to champion our cause? We wouldn't wish our condition, or a connection to it, on anyone, but we still dream about knowing a famous person with our condition. Though you can't do anything to ensure that a famous person has your condition or a connection to it, you can work to find one who does. Look beyond the obvious. Your famous person doesn't have to be a movie star; you can draw from the world of sports, media, and government. Search for connections, and urge your members to think creatively.

Does a member work with someone who once coached an Olympic athlete? Does a congressional representative hail from the same small town as another member? Your membership is a valuable resource for making contacts that will net you the publicity you need to recruit speakers to amplify your message.

Do not underestimate what you have to offer to celebrities. Celebrities generate attention for themselves as well as for your organization when they appear in an announcement, photograph, or event for your organization. Anyone with a fan club may well be searching for a cause, both as a way to create a positive public image and as a way to channel fans' interest and commitment.

Fans of a celebrity are not necessarily a recruitment base, but they often donate to charities or organizations favored by the celebrities they admire, and they may be willing to hold or contribute to fundraising events.

Celebrities often have many demands on their time, and even when they are very interested in helping your organization, they may not always be available. If you do involve a celebrity in promoting your organization, work with them to ensure that they can follow through on the requests you make, so you don't over-promise to your membership.

How Celebrity Spokespersons Can Help Your Cause

Celebrity spokespersons or honorary spokespersons can help the cause in many ways that do not involve making appearances or substantial time or commitment. It is helpful to brief the spokespersons about the condition and organization so that when they do make appearances, they can speak knowledgeably and confidently. Celebrity spokespersons can do any of the following to help the cause:

  • Wear an organization pin when making appearances
  • Donate autographed items for fundraisers
  • Write a "dear friend" letter to their friends to raise funds
  • Arrange for a "day" on the set of a movie or TV program they is filming
  • Give an interview for your newsletter
  • Testify before Congress in Washington on behalf of your condition
  • Make an annual donation to your organization

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